iTransact’s proprietary Call-A-Charge service gives you the ability to accept card payments by simply dialing them in by telephone! It is perfect for those occasions when you are away from an Internet connection.

Price: Included FREE with your iTransact Pro account!

(Former pricing: An extra $5.00/month for US accounts; $7.00/month for Canadian accounts.)

How to Get Started

Prior to your first use of Call-A-Charge, you need to set up a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to be used when you dial in. Please follow these instructions to create your PIN:

  • Log into your Control Panel.
  • From within the Control Panel click on Account Settings.
  • At the top of the page, just below your password, you’ll see a PIN field. Enter a 6-digit PIN and click Update.

Using Call-A-Charge

Once you have set up your PIN, you can immediately begin processing transactions by telephone. To do so:

  • Dial the access number: 801-951-8260.
  • Follow the simple voice prompts to complete your transaction.

Your Call-A-Charge transactions, like all of your other transactions, will show up in the Transaction Listing in your Control Panel. Please continue to check your Transaction Listing daily to make sure that everything is accurate. You can continue using the existing features of the Transaction Listing to issue voids and credits, to resubmit transactions, etc.