Credit Card Machines You Can Count On 24/7 in Any Business Setting

iTransact’s credit card machines are the safest, most reliable machines found on the market. Used in conjunction with the planet’s largest payment processing networks, we can provide everything you need for secure merchant credit card processing and other electronic transactions. We have even addressed the growing trend in mobile credit card processing and offer mobile devices that deliver the same reliability as our other more traditional credit card machines.

Credit Card Machines – We Offer Different Solutions
for Different Needs

Credit Card MachinesMany credit card machines are designed for transmitting payment information over a landline or an Internet connection that is either wired or wireless. At iTransact, we offer the latest devices available and are committed to keeping ahead of a fast growing industry. As part of our service, we provide credit card machines (traditional, wireless, swipe-to-Internet, virtual terminal, etc.) and any other supplies you need to get up and running.

What types of credit card machines are available, and which is best for your business?

  • Many brick-and-mortar stores use standard credit card machines that allow a merchant to swipe a customer’s card through the terminal and transmit data through a phone using a landline. A newer version of the traditional machine works the same way but uses an Internet connection (wired or wireless) to transmit payment.
  • Online merchants require the services of a payment gateway since their transactions are done via a website. iTransact offers our own payment gateway with a virtual terminal that is essentially the Internet equivalent of a physical credit card machine. The payment gateway works in conjunction with a merchant account, using our secure servers to transmit sensitive data.
  • If your business processes off-site transactions or is on-the-road, a mobile credit card reader is a practical solution. Mobile devices work in much the same way as traditional credit card machines but from remote locations. They transmit data using either a cellular or satellite provider.

There are many providers of credit card machines but we are certain that when you learn about iTransact, you will agree that our and rates and service are hard to beat. Many of our merchants report savings between 10 and 25% by moving to iTransact.

Our merchant services allow Internet, mobile, and brick-and-mortar businesses of any size to accept credit, debit, and gift cards and electronic checks. We process transactions over the planet’s largest payment processing networks, utilizing processors such as Vital, Paymentech, Global, and First Data. Contact iTransact for more information about our range of services. We will help you get started and can provide all varieties of credit card machines.

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