Wireless Credit Card Machines for Low-Cost Processing

Do you operate a mobile business or need to be able to process credit card transactions remotely? iTransact offers wireless credit card machines, along with many other varieties of credit card terminals, all of which are compatible with an iTransact merchant account. We work with all of the top equipment vendors and can provide you with any type of terminal your business needs. Better yet, our merchant accounts cost considerably less than those obtained elsewhere. We can usually save merchants 10-25% on credit card processing.

Turn Your Mobile Devices into Wireless Credit Card Machines

Wireless Credit Card MachinesGot a smart phone? Turn it into a wireless credit card machine, and accept payments anywhere, anytime! Whether you prefer Apple or Android, the iTransact Mobile app allows you to process credit cards on the go. And if all you have access to is a web browser, iTransact Mobile Web can be used on any mobile device – with nothing to download or install.

We make it easy to accept credit and debit card payments using your mobile device as a wireless credit card machine. The iOS version of the iTransact Mobile app can downloaded from the iTunes Store and used on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The Android version of the iTransact Mobile app is available from the Google Play Store. And iTransact Mobile Web can be used on any kind of device with a web browser. As a service to our customers, we provide all of these mobile solutions at no additional charge.

Features of Wireless Credit Card Machines

Wireless credit card machines offer the same sort of fast, secure processing offered by traditional credit card terminals. In most situations, you can either type in your customer’s information or swipe it in using iTransact’s card reader. This gives you the flexibility of being able to run both “card-present” and “card-not-present” transactions. In addition:

  • You can have your customers’ payments deposited directly into a checking account of your choice.
  • You can process both payments and refunds on the wireless credit card machine.
  • You can provide receipts to your customers either physically or via email, depending on the device.
  • You can easily store your transaction history and generate reports.
  • You can process credit and debit card payments anytime, anywhere.

Wireless credit card machines are an inexpensive and convenient way to start or grow a business. Not only do they make it easier for you to process secure transactions off-site, but they are a wonderful convenience for customers, who no longer are required to write a check or have the correct amount of cash available. With a simple swipe of the credit card, you can get real-time confirmation to go ahead and complete the sale.Â

iTransact has been in business since 1994 providing payment acceptance solutions to retailers and other businesses. Our merchant accounts allow you to safely process electronic transactions such as credit, debit, and gift cards, as well as other forms of payment. Contact us to learn more about wireless credit card machines.

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