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iTransact manages debit and credit card processing as well as other forms of electronic payments for Internet, mobile, and traditional brick-and-mortar merchants.  We have been in the business since 1994 and provide worry-free solutions that ensure safe and secure transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We offer merchants the best rates available along with our wide selection of related merchant services.

iTransact Credit Card Processing: How Does it Work?

Credit Card ProcessingFor new retailers or someone looking to make changes to the way they handle payment transactions, it is often helpful to understand how debit and credit card processing work with an iTransact merchant account.  There are a few basic steps that occur once a transaction begins.

A brief overview of how credit card processing works:

The first step is authorization –

  • Once a customer presents a credit card (in person, on a website, or by phone), the merchant must get confirmation that the card is valid and has the appropriate amount of credit available.
  • The merchant transmits the information through any of iTransact’s secure credit card processing mechanisms (e.g.,a card-swipe terminal for in-store transactions).
  • Via a processing network, iTransact relays the transaction to the bank that issued the customer’s card (branded with one of the card associations’ marks, e.g., Visa or MasterCard).
  • The issuing bank validates the card number, expiration date, address, credit available, etc.

The next step to credit card processing is the settlement –

  • A merchant (usually via the merchant’s terminal or gateway service) “captures” a group or “batch” of payment transactions from a select time frame (such as a day’s worth of sales).
  • The batch is sent on to iTransact, either manually or automatically, for payment settlement, and it is relayed to the processing network.
  • Funds are obtained from the card-issuing banks and the money is deposited into the merchant’s checking account that has been designated for this purpose.

Remember that iTransact can provide you with any type of credit card terminal (traditional, wireless, swipe-to-internet, virtual terminal, etc.) as well as related supplies.  Additionally, we offer a free, fully functioning demo of our iTransact payment gateway to test on your website.

If you are currently processing cards, take advantage of iTransact’s “Sure Save Analysis,” our free, no-obligation rate review. We can save most merchants 10-25%. We provide merchant accounts directly to merchants and we also partner with various credit unions, banks, network marketing companies, and trade associations to provide merchant services to their clients. Please contact us; we are sure that you will save money with iTransact’s credit card processing.

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