How to Accept Credit Cards Online

In today’s world it is vital to the success of many businesses to be able to accept credit cards online. However, many merchants become confused when wading through the industry jargon surrounding this process. Here are the steps that each merchant needs to complete in order to begin accepting credit cards online.

How to Accept Credit Cards Online: A Step by Step Guide

How to Accept Credit Cards Online1. Obtain a Merchant Account. A merchant account is the authority granted by a bank for a business to accept credit and debit cards. iTransact can quickly and easily provide you with a merchant account that allows you to process credit, debit, and gift cards, and have the funds from those sales deposited into your checking account. iTransact’s merchant account rates are the lowest in the industry; we can usually save a business between 10
and 25%.

2. Set Up a Payment Gateway. A payment gateway is the online equivalent of a physical credit card terminal; it is the vehicle by which your customers’ payment information is relayed to processing banks for authorization. Once a transaction is approved, the payment gateway communicates the approval back to you, and your business can complete the sale knowing the funds will be transferred into your checking account. One of iTransact’s key offerings is our high-tech, high-function (but easy-to-use) iTransact Payment Gateway; you can easily link our gateway to your merchant account or, if you prefer, we will even work with a gateway obtained elsewhere.

3. Add Order Forms or a Shopping Cart to Your Web Site. An order form or shopping cart is the mechanism on your web site whereby customers can identify the goods and services they wish to buy from you, and then securely enter their personal and payment information. iTransact provides a free order form creation wizard and free, very basic shopping cart software. You may also choose from a wide variety of available shopping carts; iTransact’s services are compatible with any open-source shopping cart software that meets your business needs.

iTransact offers merchant services for online retailers and other types of businesses. We provide merchant accounts that allow you to safely process credit, debit, and gift cards, and other forms of electronic payments such as electronic checks and EFT transactions. Contact us and let iTransact explain all of our services and discuss with you how to accept credit cards online.

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