iPhone Credit Card Processing
Offers Options for Your Business

We know not all businesses operate under the same circumstances, which is why iTransact is pleased to offer iPhone credit card processing for yet another option to save time and money. The iPhone provides a quick solution for processing credit cards whenever or wherever your business may take you. It makes it easy to get an immediate, real-time authorization for any credit or debit card transaction.

iPhone Credit Card Processing:
Is it as Safe as Traditional Methods?

iPhone Credit Card ProcessingAny business wishing to engage in online credit card processing needs a merchant account. iTransact provides all types of merchant accounts to all types of businesses. Our customer service is exceptional and our rates are the lowest in the industry usually 10-25% lower than our competitors. Contact us to save money on your existing merchant account or to get started with online credit card processing.

Before you begin with iPhone credit card processing, you may ask how safe it is and whether it protects you and your customers. We want to assure you that our iPhone credit card processing is as safe as transactions done using more traditional methods and can be a real convenience to your business.

Let us explain how our iPhone credit card processing works:

  • To get started, you will need an iTransact card reader that plugs into your iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device. The card reader is capable of capturing and relaying information from any major credit card.
  • Once the data is read, it is converted into an audio signal and routed to an OSI application that is used for this purpose.
  • The data is encrypted and forwarded on to our iTransact servers, which communicate with the credit card processing networks to obtain a payment authorization.
  • Sensitive cardholder information (such as the card number) is not stored on your device. In addition, our iTransact app is password-protected, so if your iPhone is lost, the system is not accessible and cardholder data is not compromised.
  • Since we are fully PCI compliant, our iPhone credit card processing adheres to all of the same standards of security we use with our other forms of credit card processing.

iTransact can provide you with any type of credit card terminal (traditional, wireless, swipe-to-Internet, or virtual terminal) that your business requires. We will walk you through the steps to getting your equipment up and running, and will be there to support you in the event of any problems. We know keeping your system operating safely and efficiently is a top priority.

iTransact is a trusted company that has been in business for almost 20 years and knows how to provide secure credit card transactions. We would like the opportunity to offer you iTransact’s “Sure Save Analysis,” our free, no-obligation rate review. Many of our merchants obtain savings between 10-25% by using our service. Contact us so that we can show you money-saving, convenient solutions using our iPhone credit card processing.

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