Merchant Accounts With iTransact:

Better Rates, Better Service and Better Support

A merchant account with iTransact gives your business the ability to process credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and other forms of electronic payments. We help you through the process of setting up a merchant account and can provide everything you need to get up and running. Our merchant accounts offer the lowest rates available and can save you an average of 10-25%.

Creating a Merchant Account With iTransact

Merchant AccountsWhether you are a small business owner, launching a new online store, or a leading national retail outlet with hundreds of locations, iTransact can meet your needs. We use our experience, technology and resources to deliver a customized payment solution to fit your needs today and allow you to scale seamlessly in the future.

  • A retail merchant account gives you the ability to swipe credit cards in your store using a terminal. This is ideal for merchants who deal face-to-face with their customers and are looking for quick and accessible processing.
  • A MOTO merchant account allows for the merchant to manually key in a customer’s credit card number. MOTO stands for “mail order, telephone order”; merchants receiving orders by phone, fax and mail will find this type of account ideally suited to their needs.
  • An Internet merchant account allows an Internet-based e-commerce business – or a traditional business with a web presence – to accept credit cards during the online checkout process.  No iTransact-specific shopping cart is required; iTransact’s services are compatible with any open-source shopping cart software you prefer to use.
  • iTransact also provides merchant accounts for businesses doing mobile credit card processing. Mobile processing is typically set up as an added feature to one of the merchant account types listed above. Use your Smartphone or a mobile device to process credit card payments on the go – whenever and wherever your business may take you.
  • iTransact can also provide check processing as an added component of a merchant account. This allows you to authorize a check instantly and without any specialized equipment.  Verify funds directly though your credit card terminal, over the phone, or on the Internet.

Even if you already have a merchant account, let us give you a quote; in virtually every case, we can provide both better rates and better service than you are currently receiving.

iTransact’s merchant accounts allow businesses to safely process credit cards and other electronic payments. Contact us today to discuss your needs and the range of services we offer through our merchant accounts.

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  • Testimonials

    “We have had many companies quote rates for us. No one has come close to iTransact. They also have excellent, friendly customer service and have helped us on many occasions. I can’t imagine going anywhere else..”
    - Senator Howard Stephenson, President Utah Taxpayers Association

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