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ISO & Agent Magazine​ Article Featuring iTransact

iTransact’s gateway was highlighted in a Q&A article with Jared Poulson in the September / October edition of ISO & Agent Magazine.

iTransact’s Mobile Technology Touted in Cisco Blog

iTransact CIO Mike Sumsion is quoted at length about mobile technology in today’s Cisco Blog. “In a nutshell,” says blogger Linda Beaton, “iTransact offers services that let merchants accept transactions without a lot of heavy lifting. Its service is offered directly to customers and their trusted advisors, like accounting firms, banks, and others. A dashboard interface lets them log in to check on the status of accounts billable, as well as manage real-time interactions remotely.”

iTransact Android App Now Available

Mobile phone users utilizing the Android operating system now have access to a free app which, via a connection to the iTransact payment gateway, turns the phone into a credit and debit card terminal. The app, created by a third-party developer, includes a virtual terminal, transaction listing, and the ability to void and refund transactions.

Here is the app in the Android Market.

CS-Cart Integrates iTransact

CS-Cart, a shopping cart solution that includes all of the features and functions to build an online business, has integrated the iTransact payment gateway into the newest release (version 2.0.13) of its software. This enables merchants using CS-Cart to seamlessly process their transactions via iTransact.

See the announcement at

iTransact Further Enhances Recurring Billing Features

iTransact, already an industry leader in recurring billing options for merchants, today launched a set of further enhancements to the suite of recurring billing features in the iTransact payment gateway.

Recurring billing features allow a merchant to charge a customer’s card at agreed-upon intervals (e.g., once a week, on a specific day each month, etc.) without having to re-collect the customer’s payment information.

Some of the new enhancements include:

  • A merchant’s ability to put a customer’s recurring billing on hold while still retaining the number of future billing repetitions;
  • The option to allow cardholders to update their own billing information without having to contact the merchant;
  • The ability to collect on previously declined transactions during the customer update process.

For a full description of the recurring billing enhancements, please see Change Item #10162: Feature Additions.

Cards & Payments Cover Story Highlights iTransact iPhone App

The cover story for the September 2009 issue of Cards & Payments magazine highlights iMerchant Pro, the iPhone application that, via iTransact, turns a mobile phone into a credit card terminal.

The article, “Smartphone Payment Apps: Are Developers Making the Right Call?” profiles iTransact and addresses the success, features, and benefits of iMerchant Pro. Writer Nadia Oehlsen quotes iTransact’s Troy Burningham:

“The main draw of such applications for small-business owners is the security of authorizing card transactions and receiving approval before they release merchandise to customers, according to Burningham. ‘They like the security of knowing when they drop off merchandise they don’t have to rush back to their homes or stores and hope that the credit card goes through.’“

Read the full story at or

Get more information about iMerchant Pro at

iTransact iPhone App Covered in Salt Lake Tribune Article

iMerchant Pro, the iPhone application that uses iTransact’s gateway to allow a mobile phone to function as a card terminal, received coverage in today’s edition of the Salt Lake Tribune.

The story, by writer Tom Harvey, is called “In Utah, we have an app for that.” An excerpt:

“The operator of a fruit stand beside the highway, a candymaker with a convention booth or an author on a book-signing tour who wants to make credit card sales are examples of those who would use the iTransact app, said Vice President Matt Sumsion.”

Click here for the article.
Click here for more information about iMerchant Pro.

Introduction of iTransact iPhone App Noted in Davis County Clipper

In its “On the Move” section, the Davis County Clipper announces the introduction of the iPhone application (iMerchant Pro) that, via iTransact, allows a mobile phone to be used as a card terminal.

The article quotes iTransact: “The application essentially turns a business owner’s iPhone into a mobile credit card terminal. This will give them the ability to accept credit card transactions anywhere in the world.”

Click here for the article.
Click here for more information about iMerchant Pro.

iPhone Virtual Terminal Application Now Available, a Florida-based company, has introduced an application called iMerchant Pro, which, via the iTransact payment gateway, turns an iPhoneâ„¢, iPhone 3G or iPodâ„¢ Touch into a portable credit card terminal.

“Using Credit Card Merchant Pro,” says developer Cliff Helsel, “you can securely and wirelessly process credit card sales, process refunds, void transactions, view transaction history,” and more.

For more information, please visit

Salt Lake Tribune Features iTransact’s Money-Saving Tips

“Ways for companies to reduce card processing fees,” an article in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, provides merchant money-saving advice as provided by iTransact VP Matt Sumsion. The piece includes tips about SIC codes, debit cards, and batching, among others.

“Your processor should be able to help you with [these] items,” says Tribune writer Dawn House. “If you haven’t had a rate checkup in a while, ask your processor for a review – or find a processor who is more responsive.”

iTransact’s Advice to Merchants Shared in Davis County Clipper

Today’s issue of the biweekly Davis County Clipper features tips from iTransact on how merchants can save money on their payment processing.

“Companies need to understand that their credit and debit card processing fees, which often go unnoticed, can be reduced to free up funds for other activities,” says iTransact VP Matt Sumsion in an article titled “Local company offers savings advice.” “We feel that by reminding them, they may take a better look at how their business is spending money.”

Click here for the article.

iTransact Payment Gateway Reviewed in ComputorEdge

This week’s issue of ComputorEdge includes an extensive profile and review of the iTransact Payment Gateway by freelance writer Michael J. Ross.

iTransact, says Ross, serves “as an alternative to the larger and more costly payment-gateway services” and “may challenge PayPal and the big guns.”

Click here for the article.

iTransact VP Interviewed in Transaction World Article on Industry Regulation

The June 2009 issue of Transaction World magazine includes a Washington Outlook article called “Keeping Transactions Fair.” iTransact Vice President Matt Sumsion was interviewed for the piece and is quoted extensively.

Merchant account providers “must come up with ways to differentiate themselves beyond just pricing,” says Sumsion. They “must ask themselves what they can provide to their merchants that their competitors cannot.”

Click here for the article.

iTransact Now Compatible with Magento E-Commerce

iTransact is pleased to announce that the popular Magento E-Commerce Platform is now compatible with the iTransact payment gateway.

There are many shopping carts and shopping systems available that have integrated iTransact’s payment gateway. Upon request, we will provide a list of these to iTransact clients. Please contact an iTransact sales representative at 801-298-1212.

Click here for the iTransact Magento interface.

iTransact Profiled on KSL “Speaking on Business” Radio Program

Today iTransact was the featured company on the “Speaking on Business” radio program on Utah’s KSL Radio. It aired several times during the day on KSL and its many translator stations.

“In today’s economic climate,” said host Fred Ball, “reducing transaction fees is more important than ever, and iTransact can show any type of business how to do exactly that.”

Click here to hear the full piece.
A transcript is available on the Zions Bank website.

iTransact CEO Named to Utah Business “Forty Under 40”

In a reception held today, Mike Sumsion, iTransact’s President and CEO, was named to Utah Business magazine’s prestigious “Forty Under 40” for 2009.

“Not everyone can say they have made a significant impact on business by the time they reach age 40,” said Jared Preusz in his article for the magazine. “With no exception, this year’s lineup included a talented group of serial entrepreneurs, technology innovators and finance gurus – each of them bringing something unique to Utah’s growing economy.”

Martin Lewis, publisher of Utah Business, said, “Each year, the selection of the Forty under 40 becomes more and more difficult as Utah has long been known for its youthful and vibrant business industry.”

Congratulations to Mike and to all of the recipients. More information about the award is available on the Utah Business website.

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