Reseller Interface Tour

The iTransact Reseller Interface makes it very easy for you to manage your clients, including their initial application process, their sales volumes, even trouble-shooting account access—all without having to escalate issues up the support ladder. This makes you faster and more responsive to your customers, something they will be sure to appreciate.

Convenient Web Interface

Interface homepage for easy access to the most common tasks (such as password and pin resets) as well as the most recent activity for new signups.

iTransact Reseller Interface

Robust Reports

View volume reports for your clients’ account activity, including who is processing the most and what their methods are.

merchant volumes

Fine-tuned Access Controls

Set each of your users with their own access rights to the interface. Have a unique case for access? Create your own custom levels with their own permissions.

Interface custom permissions

Easy Client Communications

Send email messages to your clients, all of them or just a filtered subset, right from the interface.

Email messages
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