Change Item #10162

Release Date:January 19, 2010
Change Type:Feature Additions
Modules Affected:Recurring Credit Card Billing, Recurring Postbacks, Lookups, Emails

We have added several new features designed to enhance the functionality of the Recurring Billing system. These tools help merchants acquire updated billing information and allow for temporary holds on specific recurring transactions. For full information, please see our documentation available at

Customer Billing Update

This feature provides cardholders a way to update their own recurring billing information for card transactions. It also automates the process of bringing customers with billing failures up to date by running an authorization for the amount due during the update process.

This is enabled at the recipe level and is accessible in the recipe edit screen. Once it is enabled, all recurring transaction emails will include links to a secure web page that allows the billing information to be updated. This includes declined transactions for which no emails were previously sent to the customer.

For successful recurring transactions, the update tool will perform a card verification to ensure that the new billing information is valid. For failed recurring transactions, the update tool will run a Sale transaction for the amount that was attempted during recurring billing.

Programming Hooks

Any successful billing updates will generate a postback if the merchant has enabled recurring postback. This lets the merchant keep their databases synched and keeps them notified of payments.

All recurring postbacks for recipes with this feature will include a new ‘billing_update_token’ parameter. This allows a merchant to generate links directly to the customer update process from their website. This helps merchants facilitate billing information updates without having card numbers touch their systems. These tokens are valid for one year, which is the longest period between recurring transactions that we allow.


The Allow Customer Update feature is currently only available for recurring credit card transactions.

Recurring Transaction On Hold Status

Recurring transactions can now be put on hold by the merchant using the control panel. Previously, merchants would set the number of remaining repetitions to zero. This works well in some situations, but not when the the hold is just meant to be temporary. It required the merchant to remember which value needed to be restored in the remaining reps field.

Hold On Failure

Enabling this feature for a recipe will cause any recurring failures to be put on hold. They will not be attempted again during the next cycle unless this flag is cleared by either the merchant or through use of the customer billing update feature.

This feature was designed to work seamlessly with the customer billing update tool, but it can be used independently.

Transparent Billing Update

This module is targeted at merchants who want to control the user interface for customer billing update but do not want to collect card information on their servers. This module works in a very similar way to our order scripts, which provide a postback mechanism.

Although the mechanism is form-based, the merchant must provide a signed form value using their API credentials. This is needed to authenticate the request. This does increase the technical level required to implement this feature, but for certain merchants it will provide the perfect mechanism to maintain transparency and PCI compliance.

This module provides the same background postback feature as the Customer Billing Update module and is also limited to credit card updates.

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