Technical & Integration FAQ

Is there technical documentation that I can reference?
Please see our Gateway Documentation.

When I completed the license agreement I was asked for a few different email addresses. Can you explain what these are for and if they all need to be unique?
The requested email addresses are for administrative contact, orders, order form errors, and activity reports. These addresses do not need to be unique, but can be. They are used for the following purposes:

  • Contact Email – This is the address to which all administrative email will be sent.
  • Email for Orders – This is the address that confirmation is sent to after each order is placed by a customer.
  • Email for Order Form Errors – This address is used by our automated system to notify you of errors in your order form(s).

When a customer places an order from my order form, the information is then passed to a CGI on iTransact’s secure server. What happens next? How do I know who the person is when returned to my page? Does iTransact pass info in the URL field?
In order to keep a user session open, you can use the passback function. This function enables you to pass specific information to our CGI to identify the customer. This information is then passed back to your CGI as part of the URL, enabling you to keep a user session open. This is documented in the advanced options section.

Many of my customers are using the user name and passphrase option to place orders on my site. I know that I receive their name, address, etc. in the order confirmation email, but it would be nice if I could know that information immediately. Can this be done?
Yes. The lookup function and the passback function were built specifically for this purpose. Please see the documentation here.

I’m setting up an order form on my site and I’m wondering if you have a listing of field names that are required and a list of those that are not required.
Please see the Required & Non-Required Fields FAQ.

Can I do recurring billing, i.e., can I automatically rebill a customer at specified intervals?
Yes. Please see the Recurring Billing Instructions.

What about check numbers? If I do recurring billing, should I use the same check number each time? That could be confusing to my customer!
You don’t need to use check numbers. Many of our merchants who do recurring billing will use a check number for the first payment, but then will drop the check number for the remaining payments. As mentioned in the Required & Non-Required Fields FAQ, the check number is optional.

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